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Top 10 Fitness Tips

1.   Commit - make a decision to become a healthier you. The most permanent change is change that is gradual. Every day, do something that takes you closer to your goal.

2.   Accountability - you are much more likely to succeed if you have someone who knows what you are trying to do and you ask them to check up on you. You can go one step further…ask them to join you in your effort. You would be surprised how many people want to get healthy, all they need is support.

3.   Make a plan - if you do not know what to do, meeting with me for just a few sessions can give you enough information to know how to get started safely and with results.

4.   Figure out what you love - finding the right fit is frustrating when it comes to jeans, but when it comes to exercise, look at it as an experiment. If you’ve only ever tried the treadmill, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are so many more options out there for you. When you find some things that you enjoy, it will be much easier to stick to your goals.

5.   Change your perspective - start looking at exercise differently. Instead of looking at exercise as a chore or just a means to lose weight, see it for what it can be: giving you the strength to pick up your grandkids, giving you energy to spare at the end of the day, or just helping you live longer.

6.   Document what you are doing - it’s the best motivation to see how far you’ve come and to keep you going because you don’t want to go back to the beginning.

7.   Set an exercise goal - Running a local 5K or planning a bike ride from one town to the next could be all the incentive you need to keep on track. Knowing that date and wanting to succeed will encourage you to exercise even on days you “don’t feel like it.”

8.   Include the family - go on hikes with your kids or grandkids, think outside the box on date night or girls/boys night out: go dancing, bowling, anything that adds fun AND movement to your days.

9.   Reward yourself - after you reach a mini-goal, or just sticking to your plan for a month is reason enough to celebrate. Celebrate by going out with friends, buying your favorite magazine, or getting a manicure…just make sure the way you celebrate is in line with your goals and not contrary to them.

10.   Listen to your body - if you have any pain or discomfort that is beyond what you feel is normal for getting in shape, stop doing what feels like it is aggravating it and see your doctor. Being healthy is a lifelong journey. If you need to make a pit stop because of an injury, it does not have to stop the process permanently. You only get one body…take care of it.

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