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About Katie

Certifications and Experience
Katie graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts and has her Personal Training Certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. She has over two years experience in group classes and personal training. Her other certifications include: Strength and Conditioning, Step and Cardio, Cycling, and Zumba. She also has experience teaching yoga, water aerobics, circuit classes and kickboxing.

The Turning Point
Katie was not always interested in physical fitness. Having participated in sports in school and college, she left fitness when she joined the workforce. After moving out of state, getting married and having two children, Katie felt tired, depressed, alone, unhappy and overweight. It took a health scare to wake her up. She began to eat healthy and exercise at home, but with preschool-aged children it made it difficult to find time to exercise. This led Katie to her local YMCA which provided childcare. The thought of becoming an exercise instructor was something Katie had in the back of her mind. Upon expressing this, she was hired and began training. Katie grew to be a knowledgeable, caring, and passionate group fitness instructor and was known for her intensity and her unwillingness to except anything but the best out of her class.

The Personal Trainer
But, Katie wanted more. She wanted more one on one time with people. She wanted more knowledge. She wanted to encourage those around her she saw struggling with their own self-worth and weight issues. Katie decided to become a personal trainer because she saw personal training as a way to enable people to reach their goals safely, efficiently, and effectively. She understands that most do not share her passion for exercise, but knows with a specific, personal plan and proper education, everyone can fit exercise into their life to gain energy, happiness and strength to do the things they ARE passionate about.

Now that Katie is a personal trainer, she has been able to help rekindle her clients’ passion for exercise, help change perspectives of clients who saw exercise as a chore, and educate clients so well, they feel able to motivate and inspire others.

  “I’m seeing people reach their goals, gain confidence, enjoy the movement of their bodies, and embrace a healthier life. It is so exciting! Equipping and motivating others to live a healthier life, is why I became a Personal Trainer.”  
- Katie Gerber ASCM CPT

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